I propose a selection of few rare or important links about wrestling.
If you wish to indicate one site to me, please email at:

Je propose ici une sélection de quelques liens peu connus ou très importants sur les luttes.
Si vous souhaitez m'indiquer un site, envoyez moi un email à:

1) Old and rare wrestling photos; also a very rare videoclip about a wrestling lesson by Leonard in Newyork in 1900.

2) Swiss wrestling, schwingen photos:

3) The new american site about veteran wrestling:
Don't use Netscape for this site, it doesn't work well.

4) Many amateur wrestling pics:

5) A very interesting site with many sections (a little bit complicated) about combative sports:

6) A russian site about sombo:

7) THE amateur wrestling SITE:

8) A site with rare documents.There is a russian full version and a smaller english one: a little bit complicated, very slow to download but interesting:

9) New site about English professional wrestling:
This site is under construction, so it is incomplete now.

10) A site about combatives with vintage Players postcard about jiu jitsu and wrestling:

11) A site about Olympics and sports: lot of wrestling photos in olympic official reports:

12) A site with many turkish traditionnal wrestling pics:

13) A site with rare 1900 wrestling pics: about Farmer Burns for example:

14) A huge splendid site: search for wrestling 

15) Turkish oil wrestling: art of wrestling